Let Your Style Bloom

young beautiful stylish woman walking in street in pink coat, floral printed dress, holding silver purse in hands, autumn fashion trend, hands close-up, details

By Lisa Dante


Brights, pastels and florals stand out from the bunch every spring. They’re always a happy staple at this time of year and the undisputed stars of the season. Year after year they continue to prove their relevance and staying power. With Easter and Fiesta right around the corner, what could be more perfect for spring.


Ultra Feminine Bow Details

Anything new? Well, yes. Floral patterns for spring are not exactly groundbreaking but there is another trend that has captured the season like no other. It’s girlhood. It includes all things sweet and innocent, even if you’re not….lol.

The soft aesthetic offers an escape from the demands of adulthood.

This includes lots of pink-looks and Barbie inspired fashion. Not ready to be so sweet? Opt for combining pastel pink, (not bubble gum pink) with bright or olive green, navy, burgundy or any shade of grey. It’s a color marriage made in design heaven.

When I dress in a girly way, I feel like a feminine adult woman. Sometimes it’s just the addition of simple embellishments, such as

the cuff or neckline of a blouse in the shape of a bow. Although, ruffles, puffed sleeves and cut-outs are also very popular and can definitely make a statement. At first I was very hesitant as an adult, to embrace the giant bow in your hair trend. But if you choose a structured bow, instead of a loose floppy one, your look can be chic and elegant at any age. Also, check out the bows made of pearls or rhinestones for dressier occasions.


Balancing Act

A little floral goes a long way. Achieving a balanced look is key.

Pair your floral outfits with solid accessories. Can you mix and match floral prints? Yes, of course. Successful mix and match fashion involves finding a common color that bridges the different patterns. Many large and small florals together can create an interesting visual palette.


Flower Power

With winter, (or whatever there was of it in Texas), finally over and that fresh spring smell dancing in the air, it’s only fitting to want to integrate the very essence of the season into your wardrobe. Now that the seeds have been planted, feed your floral fever!