Texan Strawberry and Champagne Slush

Texan Strawberry and Champagne Slush in 2 glasses

This refreshing, frozen champagne cocktail is ready in minutes and is a delicious beverage for summer entertaining or just lounging by the pool.

Ingredients for two large glasses:

● 12 ounces of your favorite champagne, or sparkling wine (try Simply Fruit, Watermelon Splash Bubbly, French sparkling wine)
● 2 cups of whole strawberries OR chunks of seedless watermelon
● 2 tablespoons of honey or Agave
● 1 cup of crushed ice

TIP: Make ice cubes made out of the sparkling wine of your choice. The cubes won’t freeze totally solid, but this will still allow you to chill your drink without diluting with water.

● Place strawberries, honey, champagne or sparkling wine and crushed ice or prepared ice cubes into a blender
● Blend until the right texture for a slush
● Taste and add extra honey if needed