Sumo, The Spectacular Show Brings You In With Kobeashi beef

Sumo Steakhouse

By Carl Ruiz

It’s no wonder that several publications consistently rank Sumo as the number one Japanese Steakhouse in Texas.  Located on IH 10 in San Antonio, Sumo delivers a memorable evening with knife juggling, an onion volcano that shoots out flames high into the air,  flying shrimp and Hibachi chefs showing off their fire blazing skills. There’s even a fire breathing dragon made from fruits and vegetables!

“No matter how many times you see the show, the teppanyaki chefs are always adding a new and exciting skill to entertain our captivated dinners,” said owner,

David Sumo Meltzer. Each chef has their own set of skills that they use to enthrall guests and bring the meal alive. But there is a common feature, and that is the great ball of fire that begins the preparation of each meal as the grill is cleaned.

The highly skilled chefs also strive to connect with diners gathered around their table to make the dining experience more personal and memorable. They realize that many of their guests are celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or graduation, or whatever you want to celebrate. Even if you’re not celebrating anything special, you’ll find dining at Sumo an exciting evening for the entire family that  creates lasting memories.

At Sumo, customer satisfaction is their top priority. So much so that the mouth watering, melt in your mouth,  Kobeashi beef served at Sumo is exclusive to the steakhouse and comes from the Sumo Ranch in Abilene, Texas. Everything is prepared fresh right before your eyes. The delectable sauces that accompany the meal are made in house daily.

The quality of the show is surpassed only by the quality of the food. Owner Brad Meltzer said his son David Sumo Meltzer, who is co- owner, learned this early on when David spent years training under the guidance of Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, the original founder of Benihana.

There is so much to choose from on the menu. Chateaubriand, an extremely tender cut of beef, New York Strip or a lobster tail are customer favorites. The lengthy menu offers plenty of pairing ideas. It might be a combination plate of chicken, shrimp and steak, or a bowl of udon noodles. The Tokyo Seared Tuna and Terriyaki Salmon are also best sellers.

The most popular sushi rolls served at the steakhouse include the Volcano Roll, which takes salmon, avocado, and cream cheese, then deep fries it before slicing. Each piece is then topped with a slice of jalapeño with an explosion of spicy sauces, including sriracha and spicy mayo. The presentation is truly an Instagram pic work of art!

Of course there are rolls for anyone who wants to avoid too much “heat.” Sumo created the 210 Roll, which is a little less spicy and features scallops, shrimp and crab pressed together with rice, topped with tempura flakes.

There are also gluten free dining options such as the soba noodles which more and more diners really appreciate.

David Sumo feels that every customer should be treated like a celebrity, even if you’re not former San Antonio Spurs player, Tony Parker, who often frequents the restaurant. “Every diner is special to us. We want them all to feel like family,” says Meltzer.


Exciting things are happening at Sumo right now! They recently debuted a Hibachi Bar.

What exactly is this? Meltzer explained for example, that someone might want to come in for the food but not necessarily for the full table- side performance.  In this case, they would sit at the Hibachi Bar and still be served any of the delectable dishes they wanted.

“It’s all about creating the best dining experience we can,” says Meltzer. “ We  value our customers feedback and always provide a comment card at the end of each meal. Come for the show…..come back for the food!