Fifty Shades Of Green

beautiful blond woman in a long green dress stands in a field among the herd of brown horse stallions. beautiful artistic emotional photo, wind develops her dress, cloudy sky

By Lisa Dante

This summer, pistachio, sage and emerald are just a few of the many shades of green taking center stage in the world of fashion.

Color waves seem to have a much longer lifespan in fashion compared to trends.

Have you ever wondered who sets the color trends for every season? Well, the color landscape is constantly evolving, and the Pantone Color Institute addresses the influences that will impact color in tomorrow’s world. This semi-annual lifestyle forecast takes a macro look at global color and trends two years ahead of the season for men’s and women’s fashion, color cosmetics, interiors, industrial and multi-media design. The Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report puts us at the center of the fashion world twice a year with an inside look at the top fashion colors being featured on the runways.

The announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year has become a pop culture phenomenon. By the way, the Pantone 2024 color of the year was Peach Fuzz, a velvety gentle peach tone, which looks amazing with mint and emerald green (Pantone’s color of the summer).


It’s Easy Being Green

With so many shades of green available, wear whatever shade looks good on you. I know that statement is obvious, but when shopping, hold the color up to you in front of a mirror. Does it brighten your eyes and complexion? Or does it make your skin look tired and sallow?

Many people avoid wearing green because they think it’s difficult to mix and match with other colors. I’m the first person to admit to a neutral toned wardrobe. But after seeing the vivid shades of green all over the department stores and on-line, I began to see it as a major trend this summer. I love my basic color, staple pieces. But color brings joy! It’s a matter of finding the right shade. What stood out the most to me, was the color pairings for green. Some of the outstanding combos were pink and green and purple and green. Also interesting to note is the way the shades are combined. For example, who would have thought that a pale pastel pink would work so perfectly with a vibrant emerald green? The basic fashion truth is that green looks great with just about any color, even with other shades of green.

Why is green so attractive? According to color theory experts, it’s the easiest most restful color for the human eye to view. Think about it, in nature, green is a sign of health, growth and nourishment. It literally represents the power of life.

Another bonus of investing in a few green wardrobe pieces this summer is that you can easily incorporate them into your summer- to- autumn transitional clothing looks. Green always looks great with the darker colors of fall. The right green fashion pieces can bridge the gap between summer’s hottest temps and the first day of autumn.

If you’re still not ready to dive into the greener side of life, consider introducing green into your wardrobe through accessories like a bright green handbag or a pair of statement earrings.

You’ll discover that color puts you in a good mood! And that’s a good thing!