A Very Cold Winter Forecast For Texas

When the “Triple Dip” Is Not Ice Cream

By Meteorologist, Bill Dante

If you were going to order a Triple Dip you would be better off ordering a triple ice cream cone.
The Triple Dip that weather scientists have been talking about in the last 3 years, has only happened twice before in history and it already happened a third time this winter in December.

Basically, it’s three years in a row of the La Nina weather pattern. You’ve heard by now how the La Nina and El Nino weather systems basically affect the entire globe.

As a Texan, the dates of February 10-20, 2021 will freeze your brain just thinking about it. We are still talking about the storm in our state that was never supposed to happen and totally destroyed our weather defense system and a lot of our bank accounts. Of course most insurance companies said, “That damage is not covered on your policy.” Then, the electric company started over charging with no attempt to help. You’ll probably be telling your descendants about the winter of 2020-2021 for a long time. By the way, nationally it was one of the costliest winter storms on record, $202 billion.

Time to add your second dip to that ice cream cone.
Texas got slammed again in early February of 2022 from the Red River to the Rio Grand. La Nina Number Two named URI started in October of 2021 and hit Texas with frigid temperatures, ice, snow and more snow in mid February. Once again frigid temperatures caught our state government and residents by surprise. There were a lot of broken pipes. And if you’re a well owner, like ourselves, well companies didn’t return calls when above-ground, cast iron pumps cracked. The results were no water for two weeks. A year later a well company finally called me and wanted to know if I had water. Really?

OK, 3rd dip, let’s try strawberry on our Triple dip ice cream cone! I hope you received a nice down-filled parka this past Christmas or at least a cashmere sweater. You will be wearing it off and on into the end of March. Yep, winter ends in late March. We got hit, just a few weeks ago by the third of the Triple Dip La Nina winters.

A Triple Dip in weather terms means that the United States would experience La Nina conditions for three years in a row. Those winters are happening right now! It’s here!

As early as September, you could start to see the possible major effects on weather and climate. A good thing to watch is the snow patterns. Ski areas in Colorado opened 80 days earlier then ever before in their history. Good for them and bad for us. Oh, there are no ski areas in Texas, just in case you’re from out west and didn’t know better.

The Christmas Storm, let’s call it that, that happened just last month, was the coldest storm that I remember and that’s after doing the weather on radio and TV for 30 years. We saw chill factors of 2 degrees in south Texas. The Hill Country was more than bone chillin’ cold!

Now, technically you should be ready for the rest of this winter. I told folks back in August and September that it was coming. I got blank stares.

Winter is here and we are really never actually ready. But, I’m telling you to go get ready if you are not. You’ll thank me. Go get that parka and some good gloves. Remember to protect the three “P’s,” pets, pipes and plants.
Oh…just in case you follow the Farmer’s Almanac they are saying more storms for Oklahoma and Texas in January are headed this way.
Some very cold temperatures could reach south Texas but will be milder in February. But watch out for March!!
Keep your hot chocolate ready and if you built your ice cream cone you might enjoy it more in Cabo on the beach.

Stay Warm!!